AUSTIN R. KESLER is a UI / UX designer, graphic designer and illustrator making his way in the world trying to figure out art, life, and where it's all going. I like to think of myself as an explorer, lines in pencil as paths to beautiful solutions, and the journey is as meaningful as where I end up.

When I was a kid I'd get up early on Saturdays just to watch cartoons. The CRT would come on with a pop and all of a sudden I was in a different world. Roadrunners and coyotes and endless dynamite explosions took my young mind to hilarious and wonderful places. Later my delight had me grabbing anything that could make a mark on a page and drawing anything within eyesight.

I never lost that spark started by Acme anvils and George Jetson (with his boy, Elroy). Now, however, I apply that imagination to my own illustration, beautiful type design, full branding packages, intuitive User Experience and Interface design, and layout projects. When I daydream I see myself dreaming up fantastical worlds for print publications, solving delicate layout problems, and designing cleverly timeless logo marks for years to come.

I live with my wife in Northern Indiana where we fill our spare time with cycling, a love of board games, and getting to know the community. With an hour to myself you'd find me listening to music and making things.